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Have You Shot At Our Venue Before? If Not, Are You Willing to Check Out the Venue in Advance?

I always arrive early on your wedding day to scout your venue!

How Long Have You Been a Wedding Photographer?

15 years now! So crazy!

Have You Shot Any Weddings With a Similar Size and Style to Ours?

I've shot weddings as big as 400 and as small as 4 people! I love them all and they're all different vibes.

Should I create a shot list for my wedding day?

Unless you have a few very specific items that are important to you, it's not necessary! i.e. "Get a ton of candids of my parents!"

I work best when I can see everything unfolding around me, capturing those candids and details as I seem them and not so much focused on a list.

Awkward questions:
Am I supposed to include you in the food count?
Am I supposed to tip?

Yes! Part of hiring a photographer is offering them a meal as a show of your appreciation. Taking care of 

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